The "Build A Bike" program is a joint effort between Golden State Foods Foundation and Homefront America.  The program provides military children the opportunity to "build" their own bikes, and to discover exercise in a fun and unique way.  

The objective of the Build A Bike program is to teach children the importance of setting goals, and the value of hard work to achieve these goals.  It also aims to impress upon them that a bike opens doors to learn valuable life lessons:  self-reliance, responsibility, learning risks and rewards, experience adventure, build strength, self-confidence, and character, plus live a healthier lifestyle.

On the day of the event, the children are given new un-assembled bikes.  They are also assigned a "mentor" to help them with building their bikes.  The mentors are there only to watch and assist.  This gives the children the opportunity to have the actual "hands-on" experience of learning to build their own bike.  

Once the children have completed building their bikes, they are fitted with brand new bike helmets, while their bikes are being professionally tuned.  The children also learn the importance of obeying bike safety rules, and the need to take personal responsibility and care for their new bikes.

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