Kids in the Wild endeavors to provide military children with the unique opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, learn and appreciate nature in her natural habitat, and explore one of the most beautiful, historic natural landmarks in Orange County, known as the Irvine Ranch Open Space.

The program offers an added dimension to the growth and development for military children.  It affords them the opportunity to discover the outdoors, and experience something that is totally different from their military environment, and introduces them to a whole new wonderful world of nature in her natural setting.

Program Summary Description:  Participants will explore animal evidence left along the trails.  They will learn to identify different types of tracks, scats, as well as other types of markings or clues animals leave behind.  They will have the opportunity to explore and hike various trails in the vast open space, and gain a better understanding about nature in the wild.  And, to further enhance the learning experience, the children will create their own personal "scat masterpiece" from evidence gathered on their "exploration."

At the conclusion of the program, the children will enjoy lunch with a Q&A session where they can ask the Interpretative Naturalist(s) questions, everything from what is required to become an Interpretative Naturalist to animal forensic science.

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